Welcome to Fulton Yacht Yard
Excellence in yacht service
Established in 2012, Fulton Yacht Yard is full service boat yard fully equipped with the latest technology and capability to haul up to 172,000 pound yachts.

Located at 101 Casterline Dr, Fulton, Texas 78358, we serve the needs of boat owners throughout the Texas Coast.

We take pride in our thirty-five years of comprehensive experience in jet aircraft maintenance and engineering and fourteen years in marine diesel repair. We apply the same engineering principles to yacht servicing and maintenance. With our expertise, experience and passion for boats the boatyard business was a natural fit.

With over four decades of combined experience and expertise in the industry, we have established a strong reputation as the preferred yacht service provider in the areas covered. We are the trusted provider of excellent boat maintenance in Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport, Port OConnor and surrounding areas.

We provide high quality yacht management services specializing in repair and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and propulsion systems. Our team strictly complies with high safety standards and manufacturer recommendations while providing your specific needs. Equipped with the skills and craftsmanship, we do boat repair the right way.

So if you're on the Texas Coast and are looking for reliable yacht service there's only one name to remember - Fulton Yacht Yard!